Sebastien Legault

Moody album design for a Canadian instrumental rock band, Appalaches.

TwoPoints.Net and viction:ary

I Love Type Limited Box Set compiles eight time-honored typefaces and their modern applications - a must-have for designers!

ConceptSeeker's own branded stationery design, from Spain.

Wonderfully silly and simple packaging design by JJAAK DESIGN

Stunning and premium stationery design for a publisher, by for brands Poland.

Designer Zsolt Zleovszki took the idea of handmade soap literally by creating a simple, low-cost package solution.


A new cookbook The Geometry of Pasta, with recipes by chef Jacob Kenedy published by Boxtree/Macmillan.

Not only is Workbench’s stark stationery suite fantastically functional, their business cards really come in handy.

Have you tried Chinese flowering tea (aka blooming tea)? They look beautiful, smell beautiful and taste beautiful.  

Another fantastic branding by Anagrama, Mexico

Founderscard Membership Card redesign packaging by Hovard Design

Founderscard Membership Card redesign packaging by Hovard Design

(via youandsaturation)

I love whimsical illustrations used for these winter-only People Tree Chocolates.

Some of my favourite winning designs from 2013 Japan Package Design Association Awards

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